A major shift in the computer industry has made end-to-end business solutions much more feasible. The realignment of computer industry from vertically integrated vendors to horizontally integrated, customer-driven solutions has brought prices down dramatically and offered more choices.

So here we are, a brand new company loaded with high caliber professionals, providing the best solutions to success in e-business world with strong support in following line of business:


We provide required solutions for your business, start from scratch to a solutions framework. We help you deciding what to buy, deciding what to build, saving on infrastructure, designing for information flow and make it all working out for you.


At the bottom line of e-business world is how to get connected. We are the solution. Ranging from small scale pioneer implementation of high bandwidth wireless access for metropolitan area access to the access would be the primary choice before the optical wire infrastructure take place.


Security is prerequisite for conducting transaction in e-business. Security has two dimensions: protection of personal data while it is transmitted over the network and authentication of the person carrying out the transaction. We provide solutions in building secure internal network in your organization and also building secure external connectivity to other organizations such as branch offices, partners, and customers through Virtual Private Networks (VPNs).


We develop software for your specific needs for any kind of platform (Win32 based software or web based software applications) using high-end database engine such as Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server or public domain database engine such as MySQL, PostgreSQL or SAPdb. From simple internet café billing system to a large and complex Hospital Information and Billing System.



We also provide hosting services for your company to go-internet. You don't need to have your own server, but instead you can use our server to go-internet. You don't have to think about server maintenance, etc. We do it all for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Digital technology enables company to create a web of partnership that serves its customers better. You can create a virtual company in which commerce, knowledge management and operational systems integrate everyone. Your partners are better integrated with you, benefit more from your success, and are naturally driven to respond to the same precisely tracked patterns of customer behavior that you are. Just-in-time delivery can be a reality for any industry.


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