In every industry, companies are struggling to find new ways to capitalize on Internet opportunities. They want to integrate the Internet without cannibalizing the legacy system and existing sales channels. And with competition moving at light speed, the sense of urgency is incredible.

PT. Quantum Dua Ribu Satu (QUANTUM 2001), which was established at the nearly end of this millennium, is combination of networking system and electronic business experts getting together with their experiences to provide mission-critical solutions that can help you quickly and efficiently transform your business process to extend your enterprise into the e-business world.

E-Business means creating value by utilizing the Internet, Intranet, cellular network and other digital technologies to attract, interact and transact business with clients, suppliers, employees and other key constituents. It requires fundamental change.

In fact, companies that are looking to extend their enterprise into e-business are realizing that to compete, they have to transform their business operations to deliver increased customer value.

This transformation requires:

  • Stripping time from delivery of goods and services to the customer (supply chain management).
  • Enhancing the customer's buying and service experience (customer relationship management).
  • Providing the customer with new channels for purchasing (e-commerce).
  • Leveraging the knowledge capital within the organization (knowledge management).

The mission is clear

Extending your enterprise into the digital economy requires the transformation of fundamental business processes. QUANTUM 2001 can help you to succeed.


QUANTUM 2001's people have the creativity, technical excellence, tenacity, and can-do spirit to help our clients solve their business problems. Although we are new, we have all the experiences needed, range from leading financial institutions, oil companies, communication providers, manufacturing, commercial market leaders, and government agencies.


For the brick and mortar company, e-business means more than Web-enabling existing business process. It means transforming these business processes by integrating web technologies into existing legacy applications.

  • Rapidly deploying new applications to support these redefined legacy processes.

  • Seamlessly inter-operating with new partners, customers, and suppliers.

  • Providing and utilizing robust infrastructure to maintain high availability for the customer satisfaction.

  • Our solutions combines our vertical expertise with our experiences in providing mission-critical to help you integrate e-business into every aspect of your organization.


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